Techno rhino

Something different: I was keen to get involved in the Great Big Rhino Project and go beyond designing a ‘usual’ painted rhino and step in to the unknown! …and I aimed big…the idea was to take the rhino on tour on museums and public spaces to create maximum engagement
For the project to progress, I knew I had to involve a number of people from different companies and with different skills. I helped run a number of hack events at Paignton Zoo, Museum and workspaces around Exeter. This is me prepping the base coat of the rhino at Kaleider – a collaborative studio space in Exeter.
With quite a bit of learning and testing [and a lot of wire!] LEDs began to light up
The rhino could display images and even videos – if you squint you can make out my face in lights

Techno Rhino was a huge hit on tour. Visitors could interact by using an iPad to display different images or tweet to activate a range of animations [including some hidden ones] #technorhino @greatbigrhinos and #rammuseum were in the top 5 trending twitter items in Exeter and South Devon on the day we went to RAM Museum


Thanks for making Techno Rhino such a hit at RAMM. Visitors really enjoyed it and the video on Facebook got one of our best views ever with a reach over 3,000 and over 1,000 views.

Rick Lawrence | Digital Media Officer

Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery

Techno Rhino also got featured in the Engineering the Future book – part of V&A Digital Design Weekend
There’s no way I could leave out one of my ‘official’ press photos!


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