Social Day

In September 2020 I was asked to take part in Social Day – the UK’s top social media marketing conference.

Of course, this year it was virtual, but I was able to join top speakers from other huge brands like Snapchat, WWF, Greggs, Guinness World Records on the virtual stage.

Here’s my 7 Tips on how to deliver time-sensitive information on social media >


Social Day screengrab

Lecture in Progress – Attitude is everything

I was asked to contribute to an article about facing the unknown in the creative industry:

Over the past few months, we’ve become all too familiar with a “strange and uncertain” state of play. But if the human mind is conditioned to fear and avoid the unknown, how can we best find our footing in it? We wanted to dive deep into this feeling and find out how others have embraced it; so we’ve called upon ten brilliant creatives to tell us what they’ve learnt from times of uncertainty. From navigating the 2008 recession and staff cuts, to a major health scare, here they describe how these experiences have become valuable life lessons.

Future CX London conference

On November 27th 2019, I was invited to speak at Future CX London, organised by Orlo, and asked to share social media and customer experience (CX) strategy, best practice and success stories.

I had some awesome feedback, and this was my fave, from Justin Clark, Social Media 🙂

“Your talk was absolutely superb. The content you’re producing is outstanding and your approach to the process is truly dynamic and to be admired. Very few organisations are able to adapt and keep pace with new features and content techniques and it looks like you’re doing it! Your energy as a speaker was incredible!”

You can read more about the conference and other talks here: